Heaven On Earth!

The obscure type of Shiva as Swacchand Bhairava with his consort Agoreshwari is integral to Kashmir Shaivism, composes Sunil Raina

Shivaratri, celebrated on the thirteenth day of the dim fortnight of the month of Phalgun, is likewise called Har-ratri or Herath in Kashmiri. The celebration has incredible religious and profound noteworthiness as it concurs with the rise of Shiva tattvas on the physical plane. Shiva, at the early sunrise of human creation, considered Shakti, and in her pursuit, wore the type of 18-furnished Swacchandnath Bhairava.

Shakti, startled by this type of Shiva, cast a look on a pitcher brimming with water, wherefrom rose Vatuk Bhairava and Rama Bhairava to safeguard her. Shiva around then changed his structure to Jawalalinga. Astonished by Shiva’s new frame, Shakti alongside her shielding bhairavas converged with the Jawalalinga. Since this occasion is accepted to have occurred on triyodashi, Kashmiris observe Shivaratri on this day, while whatever is left of the nation, praised the celebration on chaturdashi when the linga was assuaged.



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